Sprites Talks

For those of you who are requesting to have special Pokemon (with special events of course), I won’t ask for monetary donations or any donation, you should only give me the following information and file:

Let us use Charizard for example.

1. You should give me the Pokemon’s name. If this Pokemon can evolve, the files and information needed are three times more (or two times, depending how many times they evolve.)

2. If it evolves, give me the level (or method) of evolving it. For Charizard, it evolves from Charmeleon at Level 36, other Pokemon requires special item to evolve, for example, an Eevee needs a Thunderstone to evolve to Jolteon, or max happiness at night to become an Espeon. I need that information.

3. Movesets. What moves, TMs and HMs they are capable for learning, and what moves do they learn at certain levels.

4. Pokedex entries. Their weight, height, footprint looks, description and base statistics.

5. Overworld sprite. An example of an overworld sprite is shown below (click to view the picture)


This image should be 128×128 px minimum and the sprite size must speak of its actual size (you don’t want to a big legendary Pokemon in actual size to look smaller than the player character when they are walking outside, or overworld). Note the difference with the feet and wings positions.

There are rare occasion where Pokemon appears to be shiny, or they are alternately colored. The standard alternate color for a Charizard is shown below (click to view the picture)


Same size, but different color. Since you are doing a new Pokemon, you can color them whatever you want.

Take note that the file extension must be PNG, and all white spaces are transparent.

6. Battle sprites. For your enemy sprite, you should do a GIF animation file, with at least 40 frames so that a clear animation could be seen.


This sprite can have any width size, but height should not be more than 200 pixels.

For the shiny sprite, the color should be similar to your shiny overworld sprite, of course.


They have the same frame number and animation sequence, the difference is that they have different color. Note that shiny Pokemon have very very small probability to appear in the wild, or as an egg, except for naturally-occuring events, such as shiny Gyarados (red) where the Gyarados needs to be red, rather than blue.

7. Back sprites. These are the sprites that appear in the screen, as if it is your Pokemon. For example, you have Charizard, it must appear like this:


Note that there are animation differences, but they are still almost the same. Width size should be larger than the sprite facing you (to show that this Pokemon is nearer to you, and height size should be larger as well.

For the shiny sprite,


8. Pokedex icons. For the next image, this needs to be PNG and the same transparency as the overworld sprite. Size should be 128×64 pixels, and although these two icons don’t look the same, they still needs to be a little different. For example the image below shows a Charizard: the right image has lower head and wings slightly leaned outward. When it is animated in the Pokedex, it reads the first image, then second, at a very fast interval, such that it looks like an animated icon (click to view the picture)


9. Trainer overworlds. For the trainer characters, you need to do the same for the overworlds except that the size should be 128×92 pixels. There are no shiny sprites, of course (click to view the picture)


10. Battle sprites. For the sprites during a match, maximum size should be 128×46 pixels and should match the overworld sprite (click to view the picture)


12. VS icon. If your character trainer-to-be holds a special role in the game, for example, he is a rival, or a gym leader, an E4 member, or the Champion, or leader of the syndicate group or just a very special trainer, he needs to have a VS (or versus sprite). VS sprites are introduced in HGSS Gen 4, only for Gym Leaders, and was re-imagined in BW for all special trainers (click to view the picture)


Maximum size should be 256 x 128 pixels and in PNG format.

13. VS transition bar. These are the backgrounds for the VS sprite. They are automatically animated and should only be in PNG (click to view the picture)


Maximum size is also 256 x 128 pixels

Pokémon Purple Emerald (Developer Diary) 6

March 30, 2013

It’s Holy Week in the Christian world and since people in the Pokemon world do not practice Christianity, then there is no Holy Week there! Anyway, for the weekly updates, though:

Progress map!

Progress map!

  • I mentioned before that the home town name would be Umpissa Town and overworld design is 100% done! Overworld re-map for Mauville City was done, might as well for Verdanturf Town, and new place, Rustboro City! I still like the looks of my game with a Third Gen FRLG touch, and I don’t want to upgrade it to DPPt or HGSS looks even though I have Gen 4 tile sets already.
  • The mechanism for bicycle upgrades are done, and I am making overworld sprites (and item sprites) for new key items, maybe skate boards or skating shoes, or ski, whatever.
  • Three locations are complete in Rustboro City: the Rustboro City Gym, Pokemon Center and of course, the Devon Corporation. A great uplift of Pokemon Center-slash-Mart items are done where you could only buy specific item kinds if you only have this certain number of badges. These items change as your badge number increases, and if you want to buy old items that are no longer available, for example, Potions are eliminated once you have five badges, you need to go to a Department Store somewhere in Hoenn.
  • Well, doing town or city Pokemon Centers are relatively easy compared to other buildings because you have to copy paste the whole map and make some tweaks to event codes inside it. Doing a Pokemon gym is far harder because you have to increase the number of riddles before the player could actually battle the gym leader AND you need to make sure that the Pokemon levels of the gym leader is not more than two steps above or below the maximum level you have in your party.
  • Grammar checks. Ugh…
  • Mauville City Gym has little to no riddles, but Rustboro City has extensive riddles. This alpha footage shows you how to do the Rustboro Gym. Spoiler alert: you need to battle four resident trainers and READ all Hoenn myths before  the switches to hidden stairs open. I know this mechanism is still buggy because if you happen to go outside the gym before you switched any switches on, the trainer returns to his original position and you can’t switch them back.
  • For the Devon Corporation, huge revamps from RSE were made: first is the story number. The original Devon Corp. is three-story high, now in Purple Emerald we’ll going to have an 11-story high Devon Corp. (alpha) of course not all of these floors are accessible, or at least after some requirements: for example doing some tasks before you go to 8th floor. Something like that.
  • SPOILER alert: You know that the Devon Corporation is managed by Mr. Stone, and his son was the RS Hoenn Champion Steven Stone. In RS, he is the champion, but he was replaced by Wallace in Emerald. In my game, I said that Flannery is the new champion and where did Wallace go? We know that Steven Stone wanders around Hoenn just to collect rare stones and climb waterfalls, and much later, you saw him in Pewter City, and he will give you Soul Dew which allows you to call the Lati Pokemon. He also appeared in Unova Battle Tournament. Being a rare stone collector was his job like 8 years ago, and the last time you saw him in Kanto was like 4 years ago. Mr. Stone is long gone due to age and do you wonder who took over the Devon Corporation?
  • Anyway, Emerald talked about three inventions of their own: the Pokemon Dream Projector, Pokemon Transformer and the Pokemon Speaker. These machines are supposed to be displaying Pokemon dreams, transforms human into Pokemon and vice versa and allows communications with Pokemon respectively. Ten years later, these machines are successfully created and we have the Dream World in BW and B2W2.
  • In Purple Emerald you’ll get in touch how the Dream Projector, an alleged ancestor of the Dream World, and the Pokemon Transformer. Codes for these two are already done (check) and you can be a Pokemon, but limited to four characters only. For the Dream Projector, you could travel to your Pokemon’s dreams, get rare items and encounter rare Pokemon. Of course, certain mechanics still applies.
  • The codes for following Pokemon are done (like in HGSS) where the first party Pokemon follows you, but this mechanics is only applicable to certain locations (like in the Dream Projector so far). Online Ruby codes for this are buggy, and I found a way to remove the follow code whenever you wanted it to remove.

Player character and his Pokemon dreaming, in Oshawott's dream world. The area is full of dream-related Pokemon such as Musharna and Drowzee.

Player character and his Pokemon dreaming, in Oshawott’s dream world. The area is full of dream-related Pokemon such as Musharna and Drowzee.

The only way to catch a Pokemn from the Dream Projector. This Pichu came from Oshawott's dream... and they are shiny.

The only way to catch a Pokemn from the Dream Projector. This Pichu came from Oshawott’s dream… and they are shiny.


Pokemon Transformer Machine menu.

Pokemon Transformer Machine menu.

Player character transforms into a Pidgeot!

Player character transforms into a Pidgeot!


Challenging Rustboro City Gym Leader as a Pidgeot. Note that the sprite used was Chili's.

Challenging Rustboro City Gym Leader as a Pidgeot. Note that the sprite used was Chili’s.

The Gym Leader challenges you in a battle.

The Gym Leader challenges you in a battle.




Pokémon Purple Emerald (Developer Diary) 5

March 23, 2013

Hello everybody! The end of semester is near and I’m cramming too much. Now, I’m going to post some spoilers.

  • I mentioned a list of gyms before, and I’m going to reveal the sequence as follows, and their official name, too!: Maricar, Mark, Louie, Dominique, Brawley, Norman, Ello and Peach. All except Brawley and Norman are named from real-life persons.
  • Elite Four and the Champion names are complete: for the E4, we have Alexu, Beverly, Sedrik and Maxine, and champion Flannery. Remember that Flannery is Lavaridge Gym Leader in RSE.
  • For those of you who availed alpha releases v.1.0 and v.1.1, take note that the first rival Gary is remastered and his name is no longer Gary anymore and this rival is no longer connected with Oak. I forgot that Gary is no longer a Pokemon trainer (according to PKMN Diamond & Pearl series) and it is so pointless to use him as rival again and again and again.
  • Many of the town layouts are remastered. Your hometown is no longer Florena Town, rather a much much larger town called Umpissa Town. Florena Town’s name has no proper etymology, unlike Umpissa Town came from Tagalog word for “start”. Make sense, though.
  • I have created a thrill at the start of the game, but the idea right now is that you won’t start at your room like the official games did.
  • Green spaces, yes, I call them green spaces (they are the walkable surfaces that are more than 5 tiles in length or width) in Verdanturf Town, Mauville City and Florena Town (now Umpissa Town) are fixed and filled with more interesting, interactable objects.
  • Oak’s Umpissa Town Laboratory was also redesigned, so that it is no longer a representative of his Kanto laboratory.
  • New trainer sprites are added, and audio mixes are fixed.
  • I have no additional maps except that of Route 116 (which I reported earlier) because I tweaked the scripts and codes this week. Well, the result of the tweakings went good although around 80% of all in-battle animations are not yet done.
  • The title card is around 70% done. Yay! Sequence, pictures and texts. :)
  • And the title is no longer the beta one, but Pokémon Purple Emerald!

The start screen that contains a history of PKMN Management, including mine!


My company LOL. Torchic and Friends. I really <3 Torchic!


Beta title card. Well, the Pokemon there is not Banette, not Jirachi, not Sableye… Nah, this is good for a teaser title card.

Pokemon Emerald 2.0 (Developer Diary) 4

March 17, 2013

I can’t do many coding this week (and probably next week) because of three reasons: I need to finish my thesis (manuscript, presentations, and all stuff), fix my graduation things, and my left thumb is aching for no apparent reason. Like the base of my left thumb is aching for weeks and I experienced the maximum (I hope so) zenith of pain yesterday.

Anyway, few updates, though, and spoilers.

General stuff

  • You know that I’m going to adopt the six-HM system just like in BW and B2W2 but I’ll add three TM moves that will act like an HM, but actually they are TMs. So far it is Rock Smash, Flash and Rock Climb. It means that you need badges to be able to use these moves outside of battle.
  • I pulled out the Alpha version 1.0 release due to some coding bugs, and I released Alpha version 1.1 using torrent system two days ago. Right now, I am the only seeder and I found at least nine leechers last week.
  • Rusturf Tunnel mapping is at 85% progress while majority of all events and mazes around and beneath it are not yet done.
  • Route 116 was already mapped, around 60% different from RSE because of terrestrial uplifts and changes to the terrain configuration.


If you don’t want to be spoiled, please go away :3

First Gym. Mauville City, Gym Leader Maricar. Specializes with Poison-type Pokemon. If you happened to play the Alpha versions 1.0 and 1.1, you’ll know that she uses Gulpin, Venipede and Croagunk.

Second Gym. Rustboro City. In RSE, Rustboro City Gym specializes with Ground-type Pokemon. If you happened to play the Alpha versions 1.0 and 1.1, you’ll know that there are changes at the Pokemon League. Rustboro City is one of the cities affected with these changes. Now it specializes with Fire-type.

Third Gym. Lavaridge Town. The new Pokemon Champion is Flannery, so he is no longer Lavaridge’s leader. I am thinking of types other than fire that resembles the closest with the terrain of Lavaridge, and it is Ground-type.

Fourth Gym. Slateport City. Specializes with Flying-type. In this game, you’ll go to Slateport City more than four times, all of which are required to progress.

Fifth Gym. Dewford Town. The Gym leader is still Brawly, so expect for him to use Fighting-types.

Sixth Gym. Petalburg City. Same as the fifth, we have Norman and his Normal-types.

Seventh Gym. Mossdeep City. The infamous city where, in RS, you’ll set off to find Deoxys using some event items or at least get some stuff related to Deoxys. Here, Mossdeep is now home to dual Electric and Steel-type gyms. Hmm, now the city’s profession of space exploration makes sense.

Eighth Gym. Pacifidlog Town. Water-type Gym.

You see, there are no names yet for the Gym Leaders except of Mauville City (which was named after a friend), Dewford Town, and Petalburg City, so I am open to possibilities of using friends’ name as Gym Leader’s name.

As for the Elite Four and the Champion, I reveal two of their prize Pokemon:

  1. Psychic-type – Sigilyph, Espeon
  2. Dual Grass/Bug-type – Torterra, Ludicolo
  3. Ghost-type – Dusknoir, Drifblim
  4. Dual Rock/Ice-type – Probopass, Mamoswine
  5. Champion (???-type) – Zweilous, Blaziken

The Alpha version 1.0 contains the identity of your main rival. He chooses a Kanto starter Pokemon that is strong against your type, and at the end of the game, his team is composed of the following: the starter Pokemon, a Flying-type, a Psychic-type, a Dragon-type and an Electric-type.

The Alpha version 1.1 however reveals the identity of your second rival. He chooses an Unova starter Pokemon that is the same as your starter type. At the end of the game, his team is composed of the following: the Unova starter, a Pikachu which evolves later into Raichu, a Normal-type, a Dark-type and a Psychic-type.


Introducing the Hoenn Rockets.


Double battle: Player’s Blastoise and Pignite against Hoenn Rockets’ Woobat and Geodude. A double battle between Pokemon from two, far away generations.

Route 116. Notice the three-layered land mass next to the player.

Route 116. Notice the three-layered land mass next to the player.

Pokemon Emerald 2.0 (Developer Diary) 3

March 9, 2013

Made the third town :3

General stuff

  • You’ll receive a Gracidea item mid-game, so expect that either you’ll receive a Shaymin, or an event leading to Shaymin will take place.
  • Mapping of Verdanturf Town is at 90%, with only one house subject for furnishing. Take note that as of this moment, PKMN E2.0 won’t feature Contest Halls because it is currently unsupported by the engine.
  • Rusturf Tunnel is at 70% completion.
  • Hidden Areas (working title) are added, which requires a combination of event and HM move.
  • Take note that Flash is not an HM move, but it will require you a gym badge to use it outside of battle.
  • Fly move outside of battle is fixed, although locating PKMN Centers as point of landing is a pain in the ass x_x when your PKMN party fainted. Well, the landing point of Fly and the Center where you will recover your fainted party is the same. And I need to interpolate two PKMN Centers in case that all your party fainted at a location where a PKMN is nowhere to found.
  • Surf is also good, Rod events are better, except that fishing is as hard as FRLG because you need to have a very, very, very great reflexes to catch the Pokemon hooked.

Sounds department

  • So far so good. All sound files are corrected such that the pitch reduction found at the end of tracks featured in PKMN OST albums are removed.
  • A series of revisions to the sound pitch, etc were done so that it can play in an endless loop whenever a corresponding map is displayed.

Graphics department

  • Finished fixing sprite animation at Professor Oak’s intro sequence.
  • Florena Town is under construction, though, I just found that it highly resembles Pallet Town, so new designs for Florena Town is underway. LOL



VERSION 1.0 (Alpha) is released! Complete the survey form found here to obtain the Dropbox link.

Should you have any comment, or suggestion, or you found a bug, please comment the nature of the problem and I will attend to it as soon as possible.


This VS. Sprite sequence is similar to PKMN BW and B2W2, and the character for Maricar is based from Caitlin, a member of the Battle Frontier in PKMN DPPt and an elite four member in PKMN BW and PKMN B2W2.


There is a bug in this picture sequence, I’ll try to fix this later.

All bugs are reported inside the Alpha v.1.0 file. Another bug that I discovered, well, when I was uploading the zip files over the internet, was this: Maricar should be giving out a Technical Machine after you defeated her. For unknown reason, the script for this event (handing out TM) skips even though the switching of global and local variables are fine and are in right sequence. I managed to fix this by moving some lines of codes, but this fix is not included in the Alpha v.1.0 file. Sooo, in case you wonder why Maricar is not giving out a TM, well, it’s because she doesn’t like you. LOL